adventure in nature

A place where everyone is welcome to canoe

In calm and shallow water, without getting lost. You can paddle carefree with variety of routes.There is a chance that you will encounter one of these beautiful animals along the way: kingfisher, otter, dragonfly, reed warbler, reed bunting or a deer. We look forward to welcoming you to Weerribben-Wieden National Park, the canoe spot for everyone!

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Canoe routes

Looking for a route?

The canoe paradise has a lot to offer for all ages. You'll paddle through one of the most beautiful National Parks in the Netherlands. Weerribben - Wieden National Park consists of large lakes and narrow ditches in a setting of meadows, marshes and reed beds. The marked canoe routes lead to the most beautiful places.


Open canoe Festival

at Recreatiecentrum de Kluft

Put it in your agenda: the second weekend of september. The annual yearly open canoe festival in Ossenzijl. A sporty and super fun event for all (inter)national canoe lovers who meet eachother to talk, canoe, learn and try, with wetlands of the Weerribben - Wieden as a decor. Get ready for a meeting between canoe friends, newcomers and professionals who exchange knowledge about canoes, paddles and boating techniques. A true camping and canoe paradise is being created around the port of Recreation Center De Kluft. Short and longer tours are organized, there are various active workshops and demonstrations on the three-day program.

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