Terms and conditions

What am I insured for with a cancellation insurance?
When you have a cancellation insurance, you pay 4.5% of the total amount and you are insured against the following:
• Sudden illness and / or accidents involving one of the family members.
• Serious illness or death in the non-accompanying family (1st or 2nd degree).
• Unexpected call for military service, other than in the case of mobilization.
• Involuntary unemployment of the breadwinner.
• Major property or house damage, which makes presence desirable.
• Unexpected relocation or allocation of a rental house.
• Not being able to use the transport and / or camping equipment intended for the holiday due to theft, fire or unexpected engine or car damage within three weeks before planned arrival.

If I don't have a cancellation insurance and I still want to cancel, what conditions apply?

If you cancel your reservation, we charge the following costs:
Up to 3 months before arrival date 15% of the total amount.
Up to 2 months before arrival date 50% of the total amount.
Up to 1 month before arrival date 75% of the total amount.
Within 1 month before arrival date 90% of the total amount. 
In case of cancellation on the day of arrival or early termination of the reserved period, 100% will be charged

NB: The cancellation insurance is valid until the day of arrival. The above conditions apply to the campsite, hikers' cabins, Weerribben lodges, group accommodation, Peathouses, Tiny Houses, hotel and the yacht marina.

Terms and conditions seasonal camping place


The power capacity is 6 Amps (1320 Watt). The mentioned rate for a seasonal place includes 300 kW; for an early and late season pitch including 150 kW. Your consumption will be checked at the end of the season. If you use more, you will receive a bill of € 0.30 per kW afterwards.

Environmental costs

Environmental costs are included in the seasonal place. A seasonal place is: 1 camping equipment, 1 extra tent for a couple with unmarried children living at home. Seasonal places are personal, if your camping equipment is occupied by other family members as well, they owe the normal camping fee (no deposit).

Terms of payment

The reservation for your place is final upon receipt of your signed agreement. The total amount due is divided into 3 terms:

  • 1st term at 10% to be paid within 2 weeks after receipt of your confirmation
  • 2nd term at 50% to be paid before January 31st
  • 3rd term at 40% to be paid before March 31th